Message  Date : 01-01-2017

Christmas: A Pilgrimage to the Other


The main theme of the Mar Thoma Annual Clergy Conference 2018 was “Redemption of Human Dignity through the New Humanism in Christ.” The central motif of Bible is the complete redemption of all creation. In today's world, human dignity is reduced, and humans are becoming prey to many evils; women and children are being humiliated. Racial animosity, antagonism and torture have led to an increase in the number of refugees to above 55 million. However, stories of certain rare individuals continue to enliven our spirit, releasing a radiance of hope even in the midst of darkness.


Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who embraced martyrdom in the Mumbai terrorist attack, had once told his mother, Dhanalakshmi, “Mummy, if a situation arises, I will not try to escape with my life after sending others to death. Instead, I will try to save as many lives as I can. My death and others’ death are of the same significance to me. What good is it if I escape when others lose their lives?” It is this sense of the other that made Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan achieve an eternal place in the minds of Indian people.


Jesus Christ is the icon of human dignity that Bible produces. It is in Christ that divinity in humanity and humanity in divinity combines. In one sense, redemption of human race became a possibility when God forgot himself and His Son. If God had kept record of our sins, who would be able to stand before him? The prophecy of Micah chapter 7 gives us this promise, He will “hurl our inequities into the depths of sea.”


Munees, a 34 year old young man from Parappanangadi in Malappuram, proved with his own life that forgetting the faults and recognising the divine element within others is in itself redeeming. Munees was a member of the trauma care which worked along with Jaisal, who Lent his shoulders to bear others’ footsteps, during the flood. It was the same Munees who took away his own cloth to cover the dead body of a girl who died in an accident last month at Pottamanal, Kozhikode. When many were staying back at the accident site as mere observers, he came forward to give leadership to rescue operations. These life stories always remain an inspiration for us in our diverse paths.


We, standing in a world which is filled with people who do not wish to lose anything, are preparing to celebrate the birth of the one who gave up everything for the human race. Our celebrations should begin from an awareness that the redemption of another person can happen only when we forget ourselves. Let us pray and wish that during this advent season, our youth be able to reach others as bearers of love, hope, and care. Along with God who descended to the earth giving up all heavenly glory, may the young people launch a new spring of human dignity in our land.


05 December 2018                                   Dr. Thomas Mar Theethos Episcopa


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